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Latest Montreal Restaurant Blog Post - April 19, 2014

 The Delicious but Elusive Barcola

Posted by Josée De Angelis 
in Restaurant Review
Blog: The Delicious but Elusive Barcola
It took three weeks just to get a reservation. We even showed up once out of the blue to be turned away, but we understood why: there are only about 30 seats in this Mile-End restaurant. It is that small. And it is often packed, probably because the Chef and owner, Fabrizio Caprioli, was the Chef at the well-known Buona Notte on Saint-Laurent Blvd. The food he prepares is strongly influenced by the cuisine he learned in his native Trieste neighbourhood of Barcola. We finally got a reservation on a Thursday evening, without knowing that it was a Prosecco Aperitivo evening....

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