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 Question de Goût's Terrace Guide

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QDG.ca annual guide to this summer's greatest terrace spots.

Latest Montreal Restaurant Blog Post - July 22, 2014

 Cinko: Eat to your heart’s content at $5 a dish!

Posted by  Anne McDougall 
in Restaurant Review
Blog: Cinko: Eat to your heart’s content at $5 a dish!
Since we were heading for the Place des Spectacles to catch the free Diana Krall show at the Jazz Festival (I love Montreal in the summer!), my friend and I decided to catch dinner in the Latin Quarter, at Cinko, a new restaurant that opened on St-Denis street. The formula they present certainly made us curious: all dishes offered on the menu are five dollars! The restaurant is situated in such a way that it has a long terrace running along its side, which makes for lots of outdoor seating. Our friendly waiter gave us our food and...

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La Bella Italiana (La Belle Italienne)

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Montréal, QC
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Deville Dinerbar

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Solémer Restaurant Poissonnerie

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L'Eggs Oeufs Du Marché

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Damas Restaurant

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From Damascus, the oldest inhabited city in the world and Aleppo, a city renowned for its richest cuisine in the...
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Piatti Pronti

1794 Boul. le Corbusier
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For generations our family recipes have been kept in the family. Every Sunday was pasta day at Nonna's house. Our...