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With an extensive database of restaurants, lounges and all-things-gastronomic, we provide a quick, elegant online experience for all who wish to enjoy the culinary and cultural diversity that makes the city of Montreal great.

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QDG strives to provide a portrait of Montreal culture as more than just the sum of its parts. We believe Montreal diners, tourists, and business travelers will use QDG as a source to discover many entertainment and leisure options conveniently bundled with access and locations of eateries around the city. We thought of a way ordinary people like us, who always have something to say about good food, could let their opinions be known. A place where, your thoughts make all the difference. Where the food critic is from real people, people on a budget, on a time line, with a family. and, most importantly, that cannot be bought. On this site, you will be able to share your good and bad dining out experiences with others

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The directory provides you with a limitless number Montreal restaurants, and the special features they each have to offer. We are determined to make your future eating out in Montreal experience more pleasurable. Did you know that Montreal offers over 5000 restaurants to choose from, with a variety of over 80 different types of cuisine from all over the world? Making, Montreal the most sought out place in the world, for its excellent dining and incomparable cuisine. Come see what Montreal restaurants have to offer.

Open your horizons to new dining experiences, we suggest you try Mexican cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine or French cuisine, whatever your heart desires, you will find on QDG.ca.