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Le Steak Frites St-Paul (West Island)

16977 Rte Trans-Canada (Centre Piazza Azzurri)
Kirkland, QC
H9H 5J1
(438) 800-3709

The restaurant Le Steak Frites St-Paul is the perfect destination for red meat lovers. Particularly enjoyed by the in-crowd, Le Steak Frites St-Paul restaurants serve real urban food in a relaxed atmosphere with service that is both friendly and discreet. Always on the lookout for new recipes that might please its customers, Le Steak Frites St-Paul regularly adds new items to its menu. Come try our new Tapas menu!

Furthermore, in 2006, the chain adopted a "Bring your own wine" policy, a very popular concept in Quebec.

Open for lunch - the invitation is out there! Make a reservation today!

CAB certification

There are several different certifications for beef, but the CAB (Certified Angus Beef) certification is higher than other classifications such as "Canada Prime grade", "Canada AAA", and "Canada AA". The beef served in Le Steak Frites St-Paul's restaurants is CAB certified. You can taste the difference.

The quality standards are set by ten scientific criteria, all of which need to be met in order to obtain the industry's most prestigious certification. CAB certified beef is delicious, incredibly tender, and naturally juicy.

Please note:
- Only 1 Angus cow out of every 4 meets CAB certification standards.
- The CAB certification is a standard of excellence that is higher than that of other certifications.

Trans Canada Highway / St. Charles Blvd.
Terrace / Patio, Wheelchair Accessible, WiFi
$$ : Low to Moderate
Dressy Casual
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"Bonne qualité de viandes"
Mon filet mignon était cuit comme demandé et les frites servies a volonté étaient délicieuses. Amenez votre vin.
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By watson

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